One Punch Man Episode #03

Dr. Genus, this cool-looking mad scientist spent 70 years of achieving human evolution through artificial means. Once he achieved it, Dr. Genus reversed his aging process and made clones of himself apart from abominations!

Now, he must face his biggest threat as Dr. Genus’ House of Evolution is being attacked…

…by Saitama and Genos. And look, Genos just blasted that 8-story building into smithereens!

Well, that was quick and the House of Evolution is finally obliterated.

Oh wait, seems that there’s a basement underneath the building. Well then, let Saitama and Genos go deeper and beat the crap out of everybody!

This includes Carnage Kabuto, one of Dr. Genus’ strongest beings that wants to destroy everything including his clones.

Yeah, and he took out Genos too! Well, that’s sucks for that cyborg but Genos will be fine…

…once Carnage Kabuto unleashed his final form!

At this point, nothing can stop Carnage Kabuto from beating the shit out of Saitama, Genos, and everyone that walks in his path. Hell, Carnage Kabuto wants to destroy cities in a span of one week.

By the way, today is Saturday in One Punch Man and it seems that Saitama is itching for something important.

And that’s because there’s a big bargain at the local supermarket, which Saitama wants to go there and stock up. If he missed that sale or Carnage Kabuto happened to wreck his favorite supermarket, Saitama will be fuckin’ pissed!

That is why Saitama quickly beat the strongest being in the House of Evolution so he could go there. Oh yeah, and Saitama got stronger by doing a hundred push-ups and squats, running 10 kilometers, and eating three balanced meals every single day… and he did that in the span of three years!

So with that said, it’s over for Dr. Genus and the House of Evolution. Seriously, they couldn’t comprehend Saitama’s power levels just because he did some normal training of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats!

As for Dr. Genus, seems that he’ll quit being a mad scientist and try something for a change. After all, he only live once even though he reverted his age!

Anyways, see ya on the next episode…

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4 Responses to One Punch Man Episode #03

  1. *screams in the void* Tatsumaki, Fubuki, when will I see youuuuuuuuu?…….

  2. dyingearth says:

    btw, that’s 8 story of traps that Genos nuked.

    • benigmatica says:

      Yet, Genos disarmed it by blasting that building away! Glad that he did that ’cause it’ll be a hassle on finding Dr. Genus and missing out the sale at the local supermarket!

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