Hidan no Aria AA Episode #03

Raika Hino, Akari and Shino’s tall friend who is athletic as she tapped this guy out and having prince-like charm among girls.

In fact, Raika is so cool that one admirer named Kirin Shima, who happened to be a former Amica of Riko Mine, wanted to partner up with her!

Um Kirin-san, I don’t think Raika will accept you as her Amica!

While Shino is “wrestling” Akari, her personal background is somewhat obscure and Aria is trying her best to sniff out Mamiya’s secrets!

Then again, we’ll never know why and how Akari learned ninja skills before attending Butei High.

On the other hand, guess who’s back? It’s Kinji Touyama and it seems that Akari-chan tailed him before catching her red-handed!

By the way, he got stronger as Kinji got a higher rank but if I remember correctly, Kinji was a low-ranked Butei before partnering up with Aria.

Also, he still has his Hysteria Mode upon seeing Akari’s panties, but Kinji is somewhat suppressing it. Seriously, J.C.Staff should make another season of Hidan no Aria!

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post as Raika was defeated… by being distracted by Kirin-chan’s kiss! Therefore, Kirin became Raika’s Amica from now on.

Well then, see ya on the next episode!

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