Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #03

Sougetsu Ohtori, Ouka’s step-father and the current principal of Anti-Magic Academy who’s also the owner of the gun-type Relic Eater named Vlad Tepes.

Yes, that’s the gun Ouka used in Ep. 2 before pulling it out so that Takeru will do the coup de grace! Honestly, I don’t know whether Sougetsu is a troll or a magnificent bastard!

Anyways, Sougetsu made Lapis Lazuli as a student of Anti-Magic Academy, and also Takeru Kusanagi’s adoptive sister so she won’t be seen as a suspicious person who can turn into a katana.

Also joining Lapis-chan is Mari Nikaido who became a student at Anti-Magic Academy instead of being executed by inquisitors.

Oh yeah, and it seems that she can’t remember anything after being captured. But the reason why she lost her memories…

…is because Haunted erased her memories to that Valhalla’s secrets will be kept hidden from inquisitors. Also, Haunted made Mari Nikaido as a criminal for killing innocent people which she doesn’t do that!

On the other hand, I have a feeling that Mari (or her mother) “ordered” Ouka to kill her family, but whether she (or her mother) did the deed or not remains to be seen.

For now, please enjoy some fanservice shots on this episode as Kusanagi-san is greeted by Nikaido’s naked body.

Yeah, she’s gonna stay at Takeru’s rundown apartment for the time being…

However, seems that his room is getting crowded when Ouka joins in. Apart from having big breasts, Ouka is somewhat scared of ghosts and that’s why she freaked out most of the time!

And then, Ouka accidentally fell down to the floor and landed her boobies onto Takeru’s chest. Oh yeah, and Mari fell down too!

Well Takeru, you maybe lucky but you’ll gonna get slapped anytime soon…

Well guys and girls, I’m gonna end this post where the 35th Test Platoon participated in the tournament and won their first match thanks to Mari Nikaido’s decoy play. Still, they have a long way to go in order to reach the final match.

Of course, it won’t happen though as apart from Usagi-chan being groped by Ikaruga-san, I think SILVER LINK will just show the aftermath of their participation without any explanation on how they win (or lose) the tournament!

With that said, see ya next week…

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