Heavy Object Episode #04

Here’s Milinda Brantini as she’s being massaged to get back in shape. C’mon, piloting an Object is stressful work!

Anyways, here’s this week’s episode where Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell are on another mission to destroy an Object in the middle of the ocean.

While Havia wants to grope Commander Frolaytia Capistrano’s boobies, it looks like that he won’t have a chance to grab it at the right moment!

Oh yeah and about the Object that was operating in the middle of the ocean?

This is the one I’m talking about as this certain Object codenamed “Tri-Core” can drill and extract crude oil, which will be used to sell it at the black market.

That’s why this Object is trying to get near Gibraltar so it can do its evil deed for profit!

So naturally, the higher-ups are expected for both of them to destroy the enemy Object using state-of-the-art “Handaxe” plastic explosives. However, it wasn’t easy as the Tri-Core has enemy personnel to defend their Object from pesky saboteurs, namely Qwenthur and Havia.

And to make matters worse, Milinda Brantini’s Baby Magnum is fully repaired and she’s sending rounds at Tri-Core. Definitely a worst-case scenario for both of these boys as they’re trying to bomb the enemy Object while avoiding friendly fire!

Anyways, Qwenthur and Havia managed to plant those explosives on Tri-Core’s vulnerable spots.

However, did they succeed on sinking the enemy Object at the bottom of the ocean? We’ll find that out next week!

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