The Asterisk War Episode #04

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Princess Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld as she was invited by a shady person…

…in the form of Silas Norman, one of Lester McPhail’s lackeys. Well, that wasn’t surprising given that it’s Lester who’s calling the shots on ambushing both Julis and Ayato previous.

Except that it wasn’t Lester who’s doing those dirty tricks, as it was actually Silas who is ambushing both Lester and Julis so that they couldn’t participate at the upcoming Phoenix Festa tournament.

Speaking of Lester McPhail, he’s pissed that Silas Norman wants to get rid of him and Julis. So therefore, he proceeds to kick Silas’ ass…

…only to be stopped by one of Silas’ puppets, which was supplied to him by a company called Arlequint.

Not only that, but he has plenty of puppets to control so it looks like Princess Julis and Lester are pretty much in a bind at this point!

But that’s until Ayato Amagiri arrived in the nick of time to destroy Silas Norman’s puppets. Gotta say that it was a dashing effort!

Heck, he even carried Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld like a princess. Just kidding, he just hoist the princess on his shoulders!

Don’t know what happened to Lester McPhail though, but I assume that he’s safe. For now though, it’s time for Ayato and Julis to bring down Silas Norman and his puppet army.

However, Silas has an ace on his sleeve as he summoned his “queen” puppet. And by the way, Ayato is now carrying Julis like a princess!

Luckily though, Ayato can cut this gorilla-like puppet as well as the rest of Silas’ puppet army with ease thanks to his swordsmanship!

Great job there Ayato, but where’s the main perpetrator?

Well, Silas is trying to get away. What a bastard he was but don’t worry though…

…as Julis gave Ayato some fiery wings to catch this puppet-master. Sorry Silas Norman, but you get wrecked hard by both of them!

See, all they need is to get off your horse by cutting it and fell to the ground! Good thing Silas Norman is alive as he must be captured.

But just before capturing the perpetrator, Ayato was stopped and passed-out due to some binding magic. Said binding magic was cast by Ayato’s sister Haruka as she feared that his powers would go out of control.

Still, it’s sucks that they didn’t capture Silas Norman by themselves!

Don’t worry though as he’s gonna get pinned down by one of Seidoukan Academy’s finest students…

And that’s Claudia Enfield as she’s emitting a dangerous aura against Silas Norman. At this point, he’s gonna get killed…

…as seen with him spurting blood from his body after being slashed by Claudia.

Just kidding, Claudia hold her power back just to knock Silas out, so she can sniff him out some info on Arlequint. And trust me, that company will play a bigger role in future episodes!

For now, it’s the end of this week’s episode as Ayato and Julis (plus Lester) are safe from pesky saboteurs like Silas Norman!

While his true powers are currently sealed, I think Ayato Amagiri can be a reliable fighter once he partner up with Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld at the upcoming Phoenix Festa. Anyways, see ya on the next episode!

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