Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Episode #02

This is Charlotte Scherzen, the leader of Walter who always get what she wants and punishes everyone who didn’t meet her expectations…

…which includes Saejima as her hand was stomped by Charlotte’s heel. Oh yeah, and her Externe was disappeared!

Also, Charlotte has an Externe of her own in the form of Ange (not related to the main character from Cross Ange) who uses her whips…

…to punish Mirei Shikishima for being a low-class Libérateur. I don’t think she would give up that easily!

Meanwhile, Mamori “Virgin” Tokonome was captured by Charlotte and was forced to marry a stranger…

Said stranger happened to be a high-class Libérateur named Nukui. Unfortunately for Ms. Nukui, she wasn’t compatible with Tokonome that she resorted into raping Mamori-chan.

Gee, Ms. Virgin couldn’t catch a break there!

That’s until Shikishima broke free from torture and she’s about to send Nukui flying…

…by kicking her to the gut! By the way, it was revealed that Shikishima was a former soldier who is good at kicking ass by herself: be it a hundred men or a single tank!

But there you have it, Mirei Shikishima saved Mamori Tokonome and her virginity like a dashing knight in shining armor (even though she’s not wearing any armor).

So to celebrate their reunion, it’s time for something that you’ll get a boner after watching it…

And that’s performing the ritual of climaxing Tokonome starting with a kiss and fondling her boobies until her nipples became erect and hard!

And then, Tokonome died in ecstasy and turned into Shikishima’s sword, which they escaped from Charlotte’s grasp and went to a different location!

One last thing before I end this post as it was revealed that Mamori Tokonome is older than Mamori Tokonome by one year. Still, it’s doesn’t matter as Mamori-chan is being treated by Mirei like a princess!

With that said, see ya on the next episode!

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