Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #03

Here’s Chiya Ujimatsu in her Yamato Nadeshiko-type warrior outfit! C’mon, she’s invoking the traditional spirit of the Japanese even though GochiUsa is vaguely set in Japan!

Anyways, let’s start this episode right away as Chino-chan and her two friends are doing their art project by sketching various subjects like Sharo-chan and Tippy.

Speaking of Tippy, he (or she) is the easiest model to draw because Tippy is a fluffy Angora rabbit. Then again, only Megu-chan can draw him (or her) perfectly, while Maya-chan and Chino-chan draw Tippy differently!

Next up, the girls are practicing for their dance routine and Maya is good at it like performing a moonwalk.

At this point, neither Megu nor Chino can top that!

Forget what I’ve said earlier as Megu can do ballet, leaving Chino-chan in the dust as she’s neither good at drawing or even dancing for that matter!

Poor Chino, at least Cocoa-san cares for you as her little sister!

Still, she doesn’t give up easily as Chino-chan went to Megu’s family ballet school to be more like her friend. Also, Maya joined the ride too because dancing normally isn’t enough!

On the other hand, Megu’s mother is delighted that her daughter’s two friends are learning ballet. How adorable!

In the end though, Chino-chan and her friends did barely well on their dance routine. But hey, there’s more room to improve for those three girls!

Heck, they might dance like Sharo-chan and Rize-san as seen here! Then again, it’s a bit too much for those grade-schoolers.

Anyways, see ya on the next episode for more GochiUsa Season 2!

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