Owarimonogatari Episode #04

Well everyone, seems that it’s time for Araragi-kun to solve the mystery related to Sodachi Oikura, starting by visiting her place which Oikura lived by herself!

Oh yeah, and Koyomi is joined by Tsubasa Hanekawa but it wasn’t easy though…

…as Ougi Oshino wants to partner up with Araragi-sempai in exchange for treating her to a sushi bar.

While having Ougi as Koyomi’s partner would be beneficial as she can solve mysteries quickly, the problem is that Ougi is suspicious as whether she (or he) is trust-worthy or not. I mean, I question about Ougi’s gender as well as having hidden agenda!

In the end though, Araragi-kun chose Hanekawa as she promised him that he’ll touch her boobies. Oh yeah, and she’s planning to stay at Senjougahara’s place for a pajama party after visiting Oikura’s apartment!

Still, I hope Tsubasa kept her promise to Koyomi. Of course, they should do it when Hitagi wasn’t looking. But that’s about it for Ep. 4 as the plot continues on the next episode…

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