Shinmai Maou no Testament Episode #13

So I heard that you want more Shinmai Maou no Testament now that the second half (or Season 2) is already aired, right?

Sorry to burst your bubble but I won’t blog it until those uncensored episodes are released. For now, please settle on watching Ep. 13 instead while waiting for the Blu-ray version!

And let’s start right away as Maria invades Mio’s dreams by using her succubus video camera and pretending as Basara Toujou!

Yeah, she’s sucking boobies while playing as Basacchi. I can dig with that!

However, Maria is planning to penetrate Mio’s pussy with a banana that came out of nowhere!

So when a stark-naked Maria is about to rub her master’s crotch with a banana…

…Basara stopped her at the nick of time. Sorry Maria, but you can’t do that right now!

On the other hand, seems that Maria is getting bolder by putting Mio’s panties onto a beef stew… and Basara ate one of it!

Even Yuki Nonaka wants Basacchi to eat her stripped panties. Hell no!

Oh, it gets worse (or better) when Yuki-chan strips herself naked to eat her bra as well. Stop it Nonaka, stop~!

While Maria is making sure that the panties that Basara ate would turn into nutrients, let’s face it that eating underwear is in a realm of “don’t try this at home” category!

You know what, let’s move onto the best part as this OVA episode includes…

…Chisato Hasegawa, the hot school nurse who is wearing a swimsuit, but she couldn’t take it off because the zipper is jammed.

Luckily, Basara has a lubricant to spray onto the zip line without breaking the zipper! Once he put some soap on the swimsuit…

He opened it, revealing Chisato-san’s ample chest. Damn, her boobies are comparable to Mio Naruse!

By the way, please click the 11th picture to see the full view.

Oh and it doesn’t stop there as Hasegawa-sensei invited Basara to eat dinner at her apartment! And you think that it’s tame, right?

Guess again as Chisato barged into the bathroom to wash Basara’s back with her breasts!

At this point in time, this episode is getting the borderline-hentai treatment…

Starting with Basara making out with Chisato-san despite not putting his penis into her vagina. But hey, let’s imaging that they’re having sex shall we?

I mean, having Basara sucking Hasegawa-sensei’s titties while humping is very hot to handle!

And looked, she made an orgasm afterwards. Damn, I have a feeling that Chisato Hasegawa-related doujinshi will be made, even though it’ll be small compared to mainstream LN adaptations!

Oh, and it’s not over yet as Hasegawa-sensei sprayed liquid soap onto her boobies…

…so she can rub Basara Toujou’s penis with it! Well, that’s the only time this censor steam is applied as Production IMS and Kadokawa couldn’t show genitals (because the Japanese law said so).

But that’s about it for Episode 13 of Shinmai Maou no Testament. In the future, I’ll blog the uncensored version of Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst ’cause why not? Still, it’s weak compared to Highschool DxD in terms of plot, yet I’m hoping that there’s plot development on the second half of Shinmai Maou!

In any case, I’ll see you again… when Blu-rays are released for Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst!

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