K: Return of Kings Episode #04

Well, seems that Saruhiko Fushimi is in a bind now that Sukuna Gojou has the upper hand…

That’s until Misaki Yata blocked Sukuna’s attacks with his trusty old skateboard. Thanks Yata, but Fushimi doesn’t like you and vice versa!

With that said, both Sukuna Gojou and Yukari Mishakuji were ordered by Nagare Hisui to pull out for the time being. Glad that’s over now…

That’s because it’s time for a celebration of Yashiro Isana’s return, and Neko is happy to see him back in action instead of hiding above the clouds!

Oh look, seems that Neko is wearing another set of panties this time!

On the other hand, it was decided that Shiro’s clan would forge an alliance with both SCEPTER 4 and HOMRA, which is a better idea as JUNGLE is pretty much gaining strength now that the Golden King Daikaku Kokujouji has passed away.

With the Golden King gone, Nagare Hisui can do whatever he wanted with his clan! And so, having three important clans teaming up would be beneficial in this current crisis.

Speaking of the current crisis, in addition of Hisui’s JUNGLE taking out those three clans, Nagare is interested in acquiring the Dresden Slates and its powers as Yashiro Isana and Reishi Munakata has knowledge of it.

Of course, only Shiro knows the full extent of the slates’ powers as he’s the Silver King while Reishi got the jist of it. So when Yashiro tries to help Munakata, the Blue King declines his assistance. Ouch!

I guess the reason why Reishi-san doesn’t cooperate with Yashiro is because he doesn’t trust the Silver King at all. C’mon, seeing Isana-san hiding in his airship won’t even convince Munakata on helping the Silver King!

But there’s nothing to worry for Yashiro Isana as Kuroh Yatogami has some words of encouragement… via his deceased master Ichigen Miwa. Um, that doesn’t encourage Shiro at all!

Oh well, looks like things are heating up on the next episode!

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