One Punch Man Episode #04

Hey guys and girls, here’s a new character voiced by Yuuki Kaji who’ll make its debut on this episode.

This is Speed’O Sonic or just Sonic for short. And as you can see, he’s a ninja… a very fast one!

Oh by the way, this week’s villain is a Dragonball Z villain reject named Hammerhead, who’s wearing a battle suit and he wants to institute communism!

Actually, Hammerhead has no motivation to work as he’s freaking lazy…

You know what, an elbow thrust from Saitama should force him to find a job and live a life as a salaryman!

Oh yeah, and the reason why Saitama beat Hammerhead as he doesn’t want to be associated with a bald baddie.

Unfortunately, seems that Sonic sees Saitama as one of Hammerhead’s allies. Saitama tries to tell Sonic that he’s one of the good guys, but Sonic doesn’t know of him… because Saitama wasn’t a registered hero to begin with!

Now you know why Saitama doesn’t have any credit after fighting countless villains ever since he became a hero 3 years ago.

Anyways, Sonic tries to beat the bald hero with his speed ’cause Saitama is “too slow~!” Sorry for making a lame Sonic the Hedgehog job, but I couldn’t resist!

You know what, Sonic met the wrong person to mess with and Saitama just put his hand to this ninja’s balls!

Given that Saitama spent three years training his ass off to become the titular “One Punch Man”, being punched in the crotch would hurt Sonic like hell!

Oh well, off to next week’s episode where Saitama tries to become a registered hero by joining the Hero Association.

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  1. dyingearth says:

    Please note, Saitama didn’t punch Sonic in the crouch. If he had, Sonic would’ve been utterly obliterated. He just put his fist there, and Sonic sort of landed himself there. Still painful, but orders of magnitude less so.

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