Yuruyuri San☆Hai! Episode #04

It’s a sleepover episode this week, and Kyouko is staying at Yui’s apartment together with Ayano and Chitose!

By the way, they’re playing Bomberman and I felt sad that Konami made another installment for mobile phones. Well, the company went from being respectable game developers into a pile of shit recently!

Meanwhile at the Akaza residence, Akari met Chinatsu’s sister Tomoko and it seems that she brought some doughnuts for Akarin to eat and share with their friends…

…which they played a prank with her by being frozen in time! Geez, don’t bully Akari too much!

Well then, why not show Chinatsu a picture of Yui-sempai from her phone. That’ll get out from her frozen state!

If that doesn’t work, how about tickling Chinatsu until she finally move. Well, that’ll do the trick but there’s one problem…

Chinatsu wants an explanation on why Akari got Yui’s pajama picture. Well, why not ask Kyouko on getting a copy of it!

Anyways, I’ll end this post with Tomoko sleeping beside Akane… because she’s feeling a bit chilly that Tomoko wants to rub her body towards Akane!

Then again, Akane doesn’t notice Tomoko’s feelings as she’s fixated on her dear little sister Akari!

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