Hidan no Aria AA Episode #04

Dogakobo, can you tell me why Hidan no Aria AA turned into an idol show? Hell, even Kinji joined the ride!

Oh wait, it’s just one of Akari’s bad dreams…

Anyways, Butei High will have a 4-person team competition that’ll have a chance of going up a rank.

On the other hand, here’s Urara Takachiho as she detested Akari Mamiya for not only being a low-ranked Butei, but she hated her for being Aria’s temporary Amica. You know what, I think Urara would be better off with Riko Mine as she’s good at seducing targets with her charm!

In any case, her team is strong as she has Kinji Touyama’s Amica Hina Fuuma, apart from having excellent fighting skills.

So with that said, Akari and her friends (plus Raika’s Amica Kirin Shima) went to Shino Sasaki’s mansion to train until they’re ready!

Oh yeah, and here’s Akari’s little sister Nonoka as she introduced herself to Shino-san. Well, gotta say that Cocoa-san finally made Chino-chan as her sister (in this show anyway).

Speaking of Shino, she got heart-struck that Shino wanted to take both Akari and Nonoka at her mansion forever!

By the way, it was revealed that Shino Sasaki became Shirayuki Hotogi’s Amica. And you should know it right now that she and Shirayuki are similar…

I mean, they’re good at cooking and they share a common goal of beating Aria H. Kanzaki, ’cause both of them don’t like seeing Akari and Kinji being with the pink-haired tsundere Quadra!

Anyways, let’s hope that Akari’s team would win against Urara team!

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