Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #04

Usagi Saionji and Ikaruga Suginami, these two are always arguing like which breasts are bigger and they sometimes play “rock-paper-scissors” to see who’s go first.

But no matter what, both of them looked cute together!

Anyways, it’s time for the continuation of the tournament and while I expected it to end where the 35th Test Platoon lost in the second round, it didn’t happen.

So instead, the tournament was interrupted by an outside source…

Namely Haunted from Valhalla as he wants to take Mari Nikaido back, which I expect him to abandon his colleague for being useless as well as framing her for murder.

Honestly, this guy is a prick to begin with!

Oh right, since the plot is moving forward at a faster rate, let’s get this over with as Haunted has a sword-type Relic Eater called Dainsleif. That means, this ace warlock is more powerful than ever!

One more thing, Haunted recalled Mari’s memories so she can return to his side. But there’s a catch…

Remember what I’ve told you that Mari Nikaido was accused of murder. Well, she wasn’t (and she didn’t kill Ouka’s family for that matter) as Haunted did the killing.

Oh and those kids? They came from Mari’s orphanage and Haunted turned them into his puppets. See, Haunted is despicable isn’t it!?

Anyways, let’s move onto the actual fight where Takeru Kusanagi is in a bind because Haunted is stronger than him.

Hell, Takeru’s quick reflexes couldn’t match Haunted as he knows human anatomy, which this ace warlock can poke Kusanagi’s head with his Dainsleif whatever he wanted to!

So with that said, it’s game over for the 35th Test Platoon! However, it ain’t over till it’s over as Mari Nikaido used magic as a last-resort.

Oh yeah, and using magic is forbidden that Mari’s head will be blown off with explosives! Poor Mari Nikaido…

However, thanks to Lapis Lazuli’s magic-absorption powers, Takeru Kusanagi powered up to beat that son of a bitch named Haunted!

So yes, Haunted was beaten but he’ll get up again and leave! Damn, I wish that this former priest-turned-asshole warlock should be killed!

See, this guy needs to be stabbed and cut into many pieces for being a dick!

As for Mari Nikaido, it appears that she died after using her auroral magic so it’s sad to see her go…

Nah just kidding, who would want to see Kanae Itou’s character remove from this series? I mean, she’s an interesting character despite having a flat chest among the female cast!

Once more, it seems that she can roam freely around Anti-Magic Academy’s school grounds without any suspicion. That’s because Sougetsu can now enroll witches in his academy! Well Ouka, I hope you can become friends with other witches in the future!

Oh well, off to the next episode…

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