Heavy Object Episode #05

Looks like both Qwenthur and Havia managed to get out of Tri-Core and blast it away last week. So, what happened to the enemy Object, perhaps?

Well, seems that Tri-Core is still at its feet and one of its section is caught on fire.

But what’s important is that the enemy Object is still running, which is bad news for Milinda Brantini!

Speaking of Milinda Brantini, she’s obviously in a pinch right now as her Baby Magnum couldn’t get the kill against the enemy Object.

Worst of all, the Tri-Core is destroying one of Baby Magnum’s main guns one by one until Milinda couldn’t use it anymore!

At this point, the princess will lose the battle once more…

That’s until Qwenthur got an idea that’ll stop Tri-Core on its watery tracks by going underwater…

…to blow up a shark’s fin keel! Qwenthur believes that it’s the only way to capsize the enemy Object as Tri-Core could maneuver in a counter-clockwise motion.

Also, the Tri-Core can only move clockwise as the enemy don’t want its keels being tangled by the Goal Tape explosive net.

Well, it’s already been tangled to begin with back in Ep. 4. So with time running, the only thing for Qwenthur Barbotage is to blow those mines off…

…and make a bigger explosion that’ll send Tri-Core down to the bottom of the sea! Well, gotta say that those Goal Tape nets are useful after all!

But there you have it, Qwenthur Barbotage has solidified himself as the Object Slayer with two Objects already destroyed, thanks to his quick-thinking and tenacity to exploit weaknesses in the heat of the battle!

And now, he’s going home as a hero…

…right after Qwenthur survive a giant tsunami that’s coming right after him! C’mon, he’s not gonna drown with that tsunami and Milinda Brantini is gonna save him eventually!

Oh yeah, and about Qwenthur going home? I’m just kidding ’cause he and Havia are heading to Oceania for another Object slaying!

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post with a lovely pic of Frolaytia Capistrano. Oh yeah, and don’t get disappointed when you look at her red sexy panties!

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