The Asterisk War Episode #05

This is Kirin Toudou, who met Ayato Amagiri by accident. While she’s sweet-looking and having ample breasts, Kirin is somewhat being abused by her uncle named Koichiro Toudou!

So, Ayato requested Kirin’s uncle to stop the mistreatment of his niece. Koichiro-san agrees, but he asked Ayato to duel Kirin Toudou.

In any case, Ayato Amagiri accepted the duel against Kirin Toudou. However, seems that Ayato couldn’t beat her as it was revealed that Kirin Toudou is the top-ranked fighter in Seidoukan Academy!

Meanwhile, Saya Sasamiya has returned and she hates Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld for monopolizing Ayato Amagiri!

Also, Lester McPhail returned after last week’s episode and he couldn’t believe that Norman Silas would do terrible things in the previous arc!

By the way, two certain guests are coming in Seidoukan Academy for a collaboration…

Standing beside Claudia Enfield are two students from Arlequint Academy: Camilla Pareto on the right, Ernesta Kuhne on the left.

And by the way, these two are responsible for providing Norman Silas with their puppets. Of course, instead of being punished for meddling Seidoukan Academy’s school affairs, they’ll get away scot-free in exchange on collaborating with Seidoukan Academy on making a Lux!

Also, Ernesta Kuhne wants to tease Ayato Amagiri by kissing on the cheek, which made both Princess Julis and Saya-chan very angry!

Honestly, Camilla Pareto and Ernesta Kuhne are very fishy that they might backstab Claudia Enfield… if they wish!

But that’s about it for this week’s episode! See ya next week then…

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