K: Return of Kings Episode #05

This is Adolf K. Weismann or Yashiro Isana. Whatever his name is, the Silver King is ready to take on Nagare Hisui and JUNGLE.

So to start things off, Shiro got his documents back where the deceased Golden King Daikaku Kokujouji kept it until his death. Long live the Golden King!

Meanwhile, Yashiro is even more worried on Reishi Munakata as he not only protecting the Dresden Slates from Nagare Hisui, who wanted to use those slates for evolving humanity further, but Reishi felt grief on killing the previous Red King Mikoto Suoh as evidenced by having cracks on his Sword of Damocles.

So, Isana asked Kusanagi from HOMRA to keep an eye on Munakata as protecting slates by himself, while having a burden of killing a king might costs his life!

Oh by the way, the Green King is planning to tire out the Blue King so he can get the Dresden Slates by himself.

Also, Nagare Hisui tried to make an alliance with Yashiro Isana, but the Silver King refuses as he blamed Hisui on sending the Colorless King to commit heinous acts on the first season! Well, it can’t be helped as Hisui wanted to achieve Weissmann’s goals by himself!

In any case, it’s gonna be a bloody war between JUNGLE and the Coffee Table Alliance. I mean, Nagare Hisui has Yukari Mishakuji, the video game maniac Suzuka Gojou, and a priest named Tenkei Iwafune on his side!

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