Owarimonogatari Episode #05

Well it looks like Sodachi Oikura is become tsundere towards Koyomi Araragi. Then again, she still hates Araragi-kun for having her parents getting a divorce, which turned her life into a downward spiral starting with her mother’s disappearance!

And by the way, did you know that Oikura got acquainted with Araragi-kun when they’re kids, way before they met each other during middle school.

Still, Sodachi’s current life is currently in shambles as she despise Koyomi, her parents (especially Sodachi’s asshole ex-father), and herself!

Of course, Araragi-kun won’t accept that Oikura is a goner as he’ll accept everything from her! Oh yeah, and it seems that Sodachi wanted Koyomi to see her mother back, although it’s gonna be hard on whether Sodachi’s mother is dead or alive.

In any case, the next episode might be the conclusion of this arc! Gotta say that Koyomi did a great job on reassuring Sodachi Oikura, even though “finding Sodachi’s mother” would be an impossible task!

Oh well, at least Tsubasa Hanekawa agreed to that! Well then, see ya next week…

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