Aquarion Logos Episodes #08 – #11

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Anyways, let’s start with Episode 8 where Tsutomu Domon is the main focus. While he has an older brother Chinosuke who’s a successful rakugo comedian, Tsutomu is trying his own brand of comedy by making gag videos like diving into an oden pool and upload it on the internet!

However, the reason why Tsutomu make gag videos that are lame to some people is because he doesn’t like comedy at all, particularly traditional comedy like rakugo and manzai as he’s wasn’t talented like his older brother.

But in the end though, Tsutomu started to do traditional comedy. So when he’s confronted with a Bug MJBK that ate the Aquarion and goes down to its stomach, Tsutomu did a rakugo routine that makes the MJBK laugh and “pierced” his way out to safety like a dragonfly. Thus, he defeated the MJBK by making it laugh!

Oh yeah, and it seems that Tsutomu has a fan of his gag videos… which is actually an old lady named Haruka.

Moving onto Ep. 9 where Maia was trapped into another dimension by a MJBK. While searching her way out, Maia recalls her memories like how she met Subete Kenzaki in the first place.

Of course, since she was trapped by a MJBK, expect Maia’s heart being torn apart on whether to serve as Sougon’s tool or becoming a free girl who can decide her fate. Well, the MJBK almost broke Maia Tsukigane if it wasn’t for Akira Kaibuki’s intervention (as always).

On the other hand, I’m curious to see this person who awakened from her 12,000 year slumber. Heck, she might hold something that’s related to both Maia and Sougon Kenzaki.

Moving onto Ep. 10 where it’s another Kokone Kikogami episode.

Sure that’s she’s shy in front of people, especially when her voice couldn’t reach out the audience when acting at a play, but Kokone’s strength lies with her singing which can speak her heart out! That’s why she defeated the MJBK thanks to her lovely singing voice.

On another note, I wish Haruka Chisuga will have more roles in the future instead of being just Miss Macross in the Macross 30 video game. I mean, her big break was voicing Shizuka Sakaki in Shirobako!

Onward to Ep. 11 where it supposed to be a Subete Kenzaki episode. Yet, he wasn’t as Subete got trapped by his father Sougon. C’mon, Sougon treated his son Subete as non-existent!

With that said, Subete tries to get out of this bookshelf prison until he returned to the real world, but this episode won’t be focusing on him…

…as Hayato Kujou becomes the main focus for Ep. 11. As an aspiring politician, Hayato wanted to fight the MJBK in a rational manner.

However, mixing his political plans and his battle against MJBK is making him sluggish, as if Hayato’s mind is being “whirled” around by the MJBK!

Heck, Hayato’s body is sinking together with Karan-chan. But you know what, all he needs is to vent his frustration instead of keeping the burden to his head!

In fact, what Hayato needs is charisma and Akira said to him that he should let it out!

So with that, the whirling MJBK has been defeated. Of course, it’s not over yet…

…as Subete Kenzaki broke free from his prison, and now he has returned to take Maia Tsukigane back and beat Akira Kaibuki with his Dark Aquarion!

Well, I’m close to finishing the first half of Aquarion Logos! Please stay tuned for the next post…

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