One Punch Man Episode #05

Here’s Saitama as he curb-stomps the physical exam at the Hero Association. However…

He only got C-Class ’cause Saitama sucked at the essay part. Well, at least he has somewhere to start his heroic career!

Meanwhile, Genos passed the exam and became a S-Class hero right away. Now, he’s sparring with Saitama to test his limits and gain strength from his cyborg body!

And look, he’s taking his master seriously while Saitama just dodge Genos’ attacks like it’s nothing.

Well, if Saitama takes his disciple seriously, Genos would be a goner!

I mean, look how Saitama is about to punch Genos’ face with his giant fist!

Well, it’s a visual representation of how powerful he is, but one punch from the balded superhero would shatter Genos’ body into pieces!

Then again, Saitama just hold his strength back. After all, going toe-to-toe against the not-so titular One Punch Man is a bad idea!

Anyways, it was a nice sparring match between Saitama and Genos.

Oh yeah, and let’s end this post with the introduction of Amai Mask, one of the most popular A-Class heroes in the association and he’s interested at Genos.

Sorry Saitama, but you’re plain looking compared to either Genos or Amai Mask! Don’t worry, you’re still a winner to me and everyone else!

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