Aquarion Logos Episodes #12 & 13

Here’s Sougon-sama and his assistant Dr. Hayashi, as they witness Subete Kenzaki’s resolve…

…in the Logos World. Let’s see how Sougon’s pathetic son fare against DEAVA!

Surprisingly, Subete got the upper hand once as he attacks them both psychologically…

…and physically, as if Subete is breaking them apart! Now that he finally separate the Vector pilots, it’s time for Subete to beat Akira Kaibuki and get Maia Tsukigane back.

But then again, he couldn’t do the former as Akira was saved by Hayato Kujou. So much for breaking up their union!

As for Kujou, he was gravely injured obviously for shielding Kaibuki. Of course, Akira blamed Hayato for being dead weight as Kujou gets in Kaibuki’s way of saving the world!

Um Akira, where’s your gratitude you asshole savior!?

Oh and to add more fuel to the fire, Akira told them that they’re a nuisance on his quest of saving the world.

That doesn’t sit well for Tsutomu Domon as he about to punch Kaibuki for being an asshole!

But there’s nothing to worry though as Sakurako Souda will take care of him… and then Akira Kaibuki was detained for stepping out of line!

Of course, his detainment won’t be long though as Akira sortied out for Round 2 against Subete Kenzaki… in his Vector-1 no less!

This time, the word “separate” is corroding rapidly and most of the Vector pilots went put into various places.

This includes Maia Tsukigane as she’s struggling to get back to Shirobaco.

Don’t worry though, she’s not that weak-willed to get trapped in another dimension easily…

…as Maia got back to her destination and she merge with Akira to deliver a punch!

And that punch hits Subete hard that he crawl up in a corner and cry for his loss.

Well, that takes care of Subete Kenzaki but it’s not yet over…

…as his Dark Aquarion evolved into new form of MJBK that destroys everything into nothingness. Heck, even the concept of buildings and other things are disappearing!

And look, it’s Sougon-sama and he uses his pathetic son Subete to destroy the world of words so he can achieve true understanding.

Then again, it seems that he wants to see that woman from Episode 9!

Unfortunately for Sougon-sama, his dreams of destroying the civilization won’t happen that easily as Akira still clings it.

Oh yeah, and Kaibuki is not shouldering this burden for himself…

As he got allies to help Akira on saving the world. Glad that they returned just in time to combine their powers and stop Sougon’s plans!

Then again, they didn’t merge into a Super Aquarion unfortunately.

But hey, what’s important is that the MJBK was destroyed!

And for a good measure, Akira delivered a punch on Sougon Kenzaki ’cause he’s a freaking hero!

See, that sends this bastard flying towards the rubble! You know, I felt sad about Sougon-sama as his plans show great promise.

However, it appears that Sougon’s plans got derailed by his selfish request of seeing a certain woman.

Also, I felt pity and disappointed at the same time as he should have strike a conversation with his son from time to time. But instead gave Subete the cold shoulder!

Now, Subete looked even more pathetic after being used by his father in a horrible way. It would be nice if he defected to DEAVA, but Subete insists of bringing Maia back to NESTA.

Speaking of Maia, seems that she doesn’t like Subete anymore after becoming a sore loser. But still, Maia wants to rescue both Subete and Sougon-sama and start over!

Alas, it’s already too late as both Subete and Sougon Kenzaki were perished in the Logos World.

Although she has a home to return to, all that Maia Tsukigane can do is watch as she’s being dragged away to safety by Akira Kaibuki.

In any case, the world is saved…

However, taking Sougon’s place is this mysterious woman from Episode 9! I’m curious to what will be her next action as I finished the first half of Aquarion Logos!

So with that, I’ll be catching up to the latest episode in a few days…

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