Hidan no Aria AA Episode #05

Hey guys and girls, it’s time for the tournament where Akari’s team face off against Urara’s elite squad, where they must break the opposing flags using their own.

And right off the bat, Urara Takachiho and her allies got the upper hand as they take out Akari Mamiya and her flag!

Of course, it’s not like Shino Sasaki would let them do as the pleases, as Shino took down the Aizawa twins ’cause she doesn’t like seeing Akari-chan getting hurt!

Nice takedown there, Shino-chan!

Meanwhile, Hina Fuuma is heading towards the enemy base to find the flag and destroy it!

Of course, Hina has to get past both Raika Hino and Kirin Shima in order to complete her objective.

And believe me, it’s gonna be a long fight between the kunoichi and the Amica duo! Now let’s move onto the next scene as Akari heads to the enemy base…

…where Urara Takachiho is waiting for her. And look, she’s wielding a Ruger Super Redhawk revolver where one shot from this baby would be fatal!

Speaking of fatal shots, Akari Mamiya would be killed on the spot thanks to Urara’s Ruger magnum revolver. Whether Urara’s “magnum” bullets are actually blanks or not remains a mystery!

But right now, Akari found a scooter and used it…

…to ram the enemy flag. That was quick-thinking there Akari, despite almost getting yourself killed by a headshot!

Hell, even Urara couldn’t believe it that her team lost, and also her ass got stuck on the barrel.

Looks like this rich bitch got royally served!

Of course, it’s not over yet as Urara’s base is crashing down due to outside interference.

So, Akari is trying to get Takachiho out while being bombarded by scaffolding.

Luckily, Reki is here to nudge those scaffolding away from Akari and Urara using her trusty SVD Dragunov sniper rifle.

Sadly, she doesn’t speak on this episode!

On the other hand, seems that there’s a new discovery for Akari Mamiya as she can manipulate electricity.

No wonder Riko Mine and Aria H. Kanzaki are interested at Akari-chan!

In any case, Akari saved Urara and got out safely! Of course, I wonder who interfered this match?

Why it’s none other than Riko Mine! Oh, and it seems that she has a friend that helped her put Akari in danger.

Unfortunately, they failed but seeing a glimpse of Akari’s powers interests Riko Mine!

But anyways, it’s celebration time for Akari and her friends as they claim victory over Urara Takachiho’s elite team!

Well everyone, see ya on the next episode…

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