Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #05

This is Reima Tenmyouji, and he came to Anti-Magic Academy as an executive committee chairman.

While he came to this school a month after Haunted’s attack during the tournament, he got some great news as Reima is reviving the witch-hunting festival where students earn tokens in exchange for either school credits or real money.

This means that Takeru Kusanagi got motivated as he want to support his sister financially, as well as getting better grades by participating in the festival!

By the way, I forgot to tell you that the reason Takeru enrolled to Anti-Magic Academy and became an inquisitor is because he wanted to clear off his parents’ debt.

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce to the student council president named Nagaru Hoshijiro.

Anyways, she asked Ouka Ohtori on finding Mephistopheles as her council was killed by that said witch. Of course, SILVER LINK won’t go deeper to that…

…as this episode focuses on Usagi Saionji, as she stayed at Takeru’s apartment due to complicated reasons.

Speaking of complicated reasons for Saionji, she has one month left to stay at Anti-Magic Academy as Usagi is about to be engaged by her childhood friend. Said childhood friend happened to be Reima Tenmyouji.

Oh great, I’ve seen this cliche a few times… Remember Highschool DxD and Sword Art Online where the heroines are forced to marry a bastard. Good thing Takehito Koyasu didn’t voiced Reima Tenmyouji or I’ll be pissed. Still, I wanna see if Reima is a douchebag on the next episode!

But now let’s move onto the next scene where Usagi-chan wants to have sex with Takeru-kun so she can break off the marriage, something that Rias Gremory wanted to since Ep. 8 of Highschool DxD.

Then again, this is a Fujimi Shobo Fantasia Bunko light novel adaptation as they don’t allow sex… EVER! (Well, except for a few series out there.)

So, they were cock-blocked by the rest of the 35th Test Platoon! Well, that’s sucks for Kusanagi…

And therefore, he got beaten up badly for being a pervert!

Anyways, see ya on the next episode where the 35th Test Platoon must save Usagi Saionji from getting married to a suspicious childhood friend!

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  1. I’m afraid I might be one of the few people who actually likes this series and read ahead.

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