Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode #05

This episode is the conclusion of last week’s mystery where Takeshi Fujioka is about to die due to a family curse. So when Sakurako find the cursed painting in his study room…

…she found out that the painting wasn’t cursed at all, but rather it was actually toxic as the painting contain an arsenic-based pigment named Scheele’s Green.

Inhaling it (especially the mold that was growing in the painting due to being stored in poor conditions) might be fatal. And since Fujioka is cooped up inside the room without outside ventilation, it’s no wonder that he’s coughing most of the time and having discoloration on his nails.

Now back to the scene of the crime as his wife couldn’t believe it. Also, would it be better if Mrs. Nozomi Fujioka stay her daughter away from the painting. If their daughter is exposed to it, I think they should consult a doctor right away!

Now it’s time to find out how the male members of his family die at a young age? Well, it turns out that they died because of simple stress, which it builds up when facing crises such as financial troubles. In fact, many of the male members of his family died from heart problems due to stress.

So with that, the mystery is solved. However, it’s not over yet…

…as Takeshi Fujioka tries to kill himself and make his death as if he got into an accident.

The truth is that Takeshi wants to use his insurance so that his wife and daughter can survive financially, as well as telling his friend Hiroki Utsumi to take care of his family after death.

But you know what, it’s not like Utsumi will try to shoulder Fujioka’s burden as Hiroki-san wanted to save him instead of leaving his friend dead!

In the end though, Takeshi Fujioka was taken to a hospital after Hiroki Utsumi carried him to an ambulance, which was blocked by a parked car. Fujioka-san recovered after a botched suicide attempt, but he can’t use his leg for the time being. However, there’s good news for him as he got a job at a IT company.

One more thing, Fujioka-san said that the painting was appraised by a mysterious person.

Said mysterious person happened to be this guy who blocked the roadway with his Bentley Continental.

While there’s no information about this person, but there’s some speculation that he might be Sakurako’s fiance or a relative. However, one thing is clear that this person is dangerous!

For now, the mystery is solved!

As for the dog Hector, Sakurako-san took ownership of it after solving this mystery. Well, Hector sure loved Sakurako very much!

As for Tominaga’s kids, Yuriko Kougami said to Sakurako Kujou that they’re being taken care of by relatives, which is a good thing since I don’t want to see Ii-chan and her brother being abandoned!

Well everyone, I’ll see you next week…

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