Aquarion Logos Episodes #14 & 15

Well everyone, I welcome you the second half of Aquarion Logos! While I’m still catching up with the latest episode, the story continues where it’s been a month since Sougon Kenzaki almost destroyed modern civilization.

Even though Sougon-sama was defeated and went missing afterwards (which is a blow for NESTA), the after-effects of his actions still lingers…

Now, it seems that various MJBKs are appearing in the real world, like this humanoid MJBK who obviously represents a person.

Not sure for Sakurako Souda to take care of this MJBK, but it seems that it doesn’t pose a threat to everyone.

So, Sakurako-san adopts this MJBK as her child and named it Hito, which is fitting because this MJBK’s face reads “person”. On the other hand, I wonder if she had a child before this series began?

Anyways, Sakurako treated Hito well like a son. Also, it seems that Hito is very helpful in other things…

…like finding a criminal who planted a bomb in one of the kids from the daycare center, and apprehending him by none other than Sakurako-san!

While he already put the bomb into one of the children’s bags, Sakurako has no choice but to take it out by herself.

And she did it because Hito helped her track the bomb down. Still, it’s not over yet…

…as Sakurako’s leg is stuck in the rubble after throwing the bag that contained the explosive, but she told the parent-child duo to get out to safety.

While Sakurako Souda rescued lives, it comes with a price as she might die because her leg is stuck and can’t get out!

Luckily though, Hito came to the rescue and took his mother out before falling down. It’s sucks that this MJBK did something heroic in Ep. 14!

As Hito’s life is fading away, Sakurako Souda felt sad that while she’s becoming a mother again, Sakurako has lost another child in her life!

In any case, it was a heart-breaking episode but due to various instabilities in the Logos World, Hito isn’t the only anomaly who came into the real world…

…as various MJKB popped-up in various places and started reviving old slangs and styles. See that bread that was twisted in a weird way? It was cause by an old joke that’s should stay in a bygone era!

So when you have MJBK’s roaming around Asagaya, who you’ll gonna call?

Well, it’s none other than DEA- I mean the Yurei Busters! C’mon, they’re ready to put the MJBK back in the Logos World…

…as well as people who are making a lame throwback! Seriously, it’s not their time to shine and embarrass those youngsters with their gaudy 80’s and radical 90’s look!

Also, ghosts ’cause summoning MJBKs aren’t enough to scare the local folks!

Oh yeah, a certain Sougon Kenzaki has appeared! But then again, he’s now a ghost and it’s sad that he couldn’t speak and apologize to everyone on destroying modern civilization, just because he detested words as a form of communication.

But you know what, it’s time to bury the hatchet… literally. In fact, the only thing that the Yurei Busters would do is to gave those MJBKs a burial and send the departed back to the afterlife!

And with that, the Yurei Busters saved Asagaya from being haunted by the past… by writing the kanji “burial”.

While crisis was averted for now, it seems that a certain person has returned from the dead!

And that’s Subete Kenzaki as he returned with a vengeance. He still angry after being NTR’d by Akira Kaibuki, and now his Dark Aquarion got a pair of legs and a black cape to match!

So with that said, I’ll see you next time as I catch-up with the latest episode of Aquarion Logos!

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