Heavy Object Episode #06

Hey guys, I know that both Qwenthur and Havia went to Oceania right away after last week’s episode, have some soothing fanservice shots from Milinda Brantini!

Yeah, she’s slender and has a decent bust size…

Hell, Milinda looked sexier in her tight and almost-bare Tuning Suit! Hmm, I wonder what that flute is used for?

Oh, so the flute is used to “tune” Princess Milinda. Okay, I can dig with that!

Now it’s time for the serious part of this episode, where both Qwenthur and Havia are on a mission to bring down the Oceanian Military State and save the local tribes there.

To pull that mission off, the Legitimate Kingdom made an alliance with the Intelligence Union…

…which is represented by this nameless Idol Elite, whose main distinctive features is her ojou-like laugh and her G-cup size breasts!

Yeah, looking at her boobies while wearing a skimpy Santa costume is so hot!

Anyways, I’ll see you next episode where Qwenthur and Havia are sneaking into enemy territory, find the enemy Object and destroy it just like their previous mission.

Also, they’ll have to save a tribe from being wiped out too ’cause why not!

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