K: Return of Kings Episode #06

Hey guys and girls, it’s Yukari Mishakuji and he’s wishing you a Merry Christmas as the big wigs from JUNGLE are going to steal the Dresden Slates!

But in order to do that, they must pass the obstacles made by the Coffee Table Alliance, which comprises of Yashiro Isana’s clan, HOMRA, and SCEPTER 4.

Most of them are being taken care of by the likes of Kuroh Yatogami, but I’m worried that the pressure to protect the Slates would get them crumbled!

On the other hand, Nagare Hisui has finally come out of hiding as he was accompanied by Tenkei Iwafune.

And by the way, did you know that the Green King challenged Daikaku Kokujouji to a duel over the Dresden Slates? Well, the Golden King defeated Hisui and his clan went into hiding until Kokujouji passed away.

With the passing of the Golden King, nothing will stop Nagare Hisui from unleashing his true power. This is bad because Nagare Hisui is gonna mow all three clans down with his powers!

Anyways, I’ll see you next episode and I have a feeling that it’s gonna be worse than expected!

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