The Asterisk War Episode #06

Let’s start things off with Claudia Enfield, who is Number 2 in the Seidoukan Academy battle rankings apart from wearing a sexy bikini!

Also, Claudia has a mother but she’s busy working as an executive at the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, which is a place where everyone throw their emotions away for profit.

Meanwhile, Ayato Amagiri was joined by Kirin Toudou for a usual jog at a foggy park.

While Kirin was still being abused by her uncle Koichiro, the reason why he’s always strict to his niece is because Koichiro wants Kirin’s reputation as a stepping stone to his corporate career, eventually joining the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

Also, Kirin reminds me of another swordsman who don’t have magic: Ikki Kurogane from Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. Of course, I wonder if her family is being treated as shit for not being born as a Strega?

Anyways, their jogging session was interrupted by one of Arlequint Academy’s newest creation, which are lizards that can regenerate at will due to having slime-like bodies.

Well, I knew that both Camilla Pareto and Ernesta Kuhne can’t be trusted!

Don’t worry though as Kirin’s swordsmanship skills help her slash those jelly beasts into pieces until its core was exposed, which she cut it in half!

As expected from Seidoukan’s Number 1, she took those lizards out with ease…

Unfortunately, her jogging partner Ayato fell down as he’s standing to a broken bridge. Kirin tried to pull him out to safety…

However, she fell too as both Kirin and Ayato are about to go down towards the abyss.

In any case, let’s see what happens on the next episode should they survive this mess!

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