One Punch Man Episode #06

Oh look, it’s Sonic and he returned from that humiliating loss from Saitama. C’mon, his balls is still broken as hell!

Speaking of Saitama, he’s currently finding odd-jobs to increase his rank or he’ll be booted out from the Hero Association!

Luckily, he found one as Saitama saved a kid from being hit by a flaming car…

…and beat Sonic without a sweat. Well, that was quick as always!

In fact, there’s a rumor that he might be one of the monsters living in the now-deserted City Z, which he currently lives together with his disciple Genos.

Meanwhile, here’s another new character introduced on this episode. This is Tornado (or Tatsumaki in Japanese) and this esper is one of the high-class heroes at the association.

In any case, we’ll see her in action on the next episode!

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2 Responses to One Punch Man Episode #06

  1. dyingearth says:

    Not all of City Z is deserted. Just Saitama’s neighborhood.

  2. animeparadise! says:

    I love this anime.I’m glad they made it into an anime and it’s funny as well!

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