Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #05

Here’s Cocoa-san as she makes an impression of her big sister Mocha.

But then again, Chiya and Sharo-chan saw Cocoa do that most of the time! Sorry Cocoa-san…

Anyways, here’s the formal debut of Cocoa’s big sister. Meet Mocha Hotto and this big sister is so cute like a hot mocha, get it?

Oh yeah, and Mocha-san’s hug made Rize blushed until she fully submitted to the allure of Cocoa’s sister!

See, it’s deadly that Rize is suffocating the after-effects of Mocha’s hug! And now she’s doing it to Chino-chan, which Cocoa-san won’t like it at all!

And that’s not all, Mocha has a glittering sister aura that both Chino-chan, Tippy, and Rize-san were engulfed in this blinding light!

Gotta say, Mocha-san is so amazing as a big sister to Cocoa.

Speaking of Cocoa-san, she finally found her big sister after being distracted by cute things such as rabbits, as well as seeing and having a chat with Chiya-san and Sharo-chan!

And one last thing, seems that Mocha-san is gonna stay at Rabbit House for a few weeks so she spend her time with her cute little sister. How’s that to end this post, huh?

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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