Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Episode #04

So, remember this biker chick and her partner that can turn into a motorcycle? Well, Rain Hasumi has more tricks to her sleeves. as she kissed Mirei Shikishima…

All she needs is to kiss Mirei Shikishima, and transform into an Arm that can disable other Arms with a single blast!

Um Ms. Rain Hasumi, Mirei doesn’t like being kissed by someone else other than Mamori-chan!

Also, Rain Hasumi and her partner Lady J are capable of beating Walter’s best knights without much effort! Yeah, both of them are badasses at their own right.

Sooner or later, Akira Hiiragi stepped in and stop both Charlotte Scherzen and Kasumi Shigure from doing more damage, as he found Mei-Fon Sakura as the real culprit before she escape from his sight. Well, at least Torino Town is safe!

Speaking of Torino Town, I can’t believe that Torino-san is so well-stacked when she’s taking a dip at the hot springs!

Damn, wish that I wanna grope her breasts….

Moving onto this scene where Akira Hiiragi showed up out of the blue to see Mamori Tokonome.

As for Mamori-chan, she finally found her prince charming…

…that she want to make out with Akira-sama! Dammit Tokonome, are you gonna surrender your virginity to this suspicious guy like Akira?

Oh, seems that she’s playing herself. Wait, this is bad and who’s responsible for making an illusion for Tokonome!?

It turns out that one of Walter’s knights is responsible for making illusions. C’mon, she’s here to steal Mamori-chan away when she reach her climax and becomes a weapon!

Unfortunately, Mirei came to the rescue by kissing Mamori-chan right away. Sorry Ms. Illusionist…

However, seems that this knight won’t go down just yet as she attacks Mirei Shikishima!

Yes, this knight is using illusion to bring Mirei down as if she’s being gang-raped!

But you know what, Shikishima have already seen hell many times…

In fact, this attack does nothing as Mirei came to her senses quickly as expected!

At this point, the illusionist from Walter is going down very soon…

See, this enemy is a goner once Mirei beat her with a single strike!

So with that, Mamori-chan and her virginity is saved thanks to Mirei Shikishima. In any case, it’s getting a bit late but I’ll see you on the next episode!

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