Yuruyuri San☆Hai! Episode #06

Well, who wants some shipping between Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshino? Of course, Chinatsu-chan won’t like it one bit!

Also, Yui is busy reading a mystery novel. No wonder Kyouko is being ignored!

On the other hand, Kyouko got a hold of Yui’s novel and started skimming through its contents, something that Yui couldn’t bother Kyouko on this occasion.

Don’t try to spoil the ending after reading it however…

Otherwise, you might have a bump in the head as Kyouko shows when she’s about to reveal the main culprit.

Seriously, don’t try to spoil the ending to others or they might get butthurt over it!

Meanwhile, the Amusement Club are staying at Yui’s apartment for a nabe party. But then, there’s a black-out and Akari wants to go to the bathroom.

Honestly, she could just use the flashlight feature on her cellphone to find her way…

Unfortunately, it seems that Akari couldn’t go as she got scared of Kyouko’s weird face… in a thunderstorm no less!

In the end, seems that Akari will have bladder problems as she didn’t relieve herself in the toilet. Poor Akarin…

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