Hidan no Aria AA Episode #06

Wait, are these two gonna marry already!? It’s too soon for both Kirin and Raika-san!

However, seems that Riko Mine kidnapped Kirin-chan and it was revealed that it was just a dream. Phew, I thought that it was real!

And speaking of reality, seems that Raika Hino is getting jealous when Riko is doting Kirin Shima. Same goes for Kirin-chan when Raika-sama is hanging out with Akari Mamiya and Shino Sasaki.

You know what, I think these two should officially hook up!

Meanwhile, Kinji Touyama has returned but he’s just doing some cameo appearances instead. Poor Kinji…

With that said, I’m gonna end this post as Kirin Shima kidnapped Raika-sama and force her to be Kirin’s wife!

Oh, and Kirin has her posse pinning Raika-sama down. Yeah, this is gonna be an embarrassing event for Raika Hino.

One last note, Akari Mamiya has become a Rank D Butei after winning against Urara Takachiho’s team so it’s all good for her. Of course, Akari still has a long way to go in order to become Aria’s official Amica!

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