Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #06

Oh look, it’s Reima Tenmyouji and he has more reasons on why he wants to marry Usagi Saionji. It turns out that Usagi accidentally killed her brother (which is stupid for kids to handle live firearms), and that’s why Reima wants to marry Usagi so he could torment comfort her.

You know what, I want to punch this guy so bad!

Meanwhile, it looks like Mephistopheles has finally appeared! Well, not really as she’s using one of Hoshijiro’s staff member as a host ’cause Mephistopheles is a ghost.

Sorry for the lame pun, but the reason why she came to Anti-Magic Academy is because Mephistopheles wants her body back, which was hidden deep within the academy. Would it be better if they just dispose the body and soul of Mephistopheles instead.

Anyways, Mephistopheles is tired of using Shizuka Izumidou’s body, so she wants to possess Ouka’s body instead.

She succeeds on possessing Ouka, but I don’t think Mephistopheles would win against the inquisitors!

Moving onto the next scene where Usagi got kidnapped, dress up as a bride, as she’s about to get raped by this scumbag!

Dammit, can someone punch (or kill) this Diodora expy for once!

Well, there’s no need for that as Saionji bit him. Yeah Usagi-chan, show that you have fangs to fend off attackers like Reima Tenmyouji!

And look, it’s Takeru Kusanagi as he crashes through the window to save Usagi-chan…

…and scare the shit out of Reima Tenmyouji, which this asshole pee’d his pants.

Well, it’s better than cut this bastard’s head off ’cause Reima is not worth killing!

Meanwhile, Mari Nikaido is busy disabling the magic circle as it turned out that Mephistopheles wants to brainwash the students in addition to retrieving her body.

Of course, it’s a race against time…

…as Mephistopheles showed up and she summoned Vlad the Impaler. Come to think of it, Vlad shouldn’t be summoned when his provisional master is acting strangely or being hijacked by a witch!

Luckily, Takeru came to the rescue after punishing Reima and his douchebaggery!

Unfortunately, he’s at a disadvantage as his Mistilteinn is useless when Vlad can cancel magic upon being hit by its bullets. Therefore, Takeru can’t call Lapis Lazuli to become his armor.

However, backup has arrived when Usagi-chan returned to the battlefield and she’s using her grandfather’s rifle this time.

Honestly, having a light bolt-action rifle suits her better, but it’s only usable at medium range unlike Usagi’s magnum-based anti-personnel sniper rifle.

In any case, she fired at Ouka Ohtori and destroyed Mephistopheles’ soul for good.

Yeah, good riddance to that witch but as for her body though, it’s up to her step-father Sougetsu on whether to dispose it or just seal into a jar for eternity.

Speaking of Ouka, she’s fine as Ouka regained her body. As for Nikaido, she finally disable Mephistopheles’ brainwashing magic so it’s all good at Anti-Magic Academy.

In any case, all’s well that ends well for the 35th Test Platoon, especially Usagi Saionji!

And speaking of Usagi, seems that she has a surprise for Takeru Kusanagi. Then again, it’s Ikaruga Suginami’s fault for dressing up with this ridiculous getup!

Oh yeah and in regards to Suginami, she’s gonna be the main focus on the next episode.

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