Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode #06

Yuriko Kougami, you know her as the girl who previously featured in Ep. 3 where she wants to find what happened to her grandmother.

Now, she’ll be the main focus on this week’s episode as Kougami finds…

…a woman who has an envelope and she’s about to commit suicide by jumping to a bridge during the Ashikawa Summer Festival.

Normally, people would notice that but not this time though as this woman just vanished. Whether she jumped or not is a mystery.

However, Yuriko found an envelope that the woman held it earlier. Judging from its contents, the envelope contained a suicide note and a wedding ring.

Since Sakurako-san doesn’t use a mobile phone and Shoutarou-kun left his phone to Kujou’s mansion, Kougami has no choice but to wait…

So for now, Yuriko went to Itsuki Isozaki which he’s on patrol duty. Unfortunately for Isozaki-sensei, getting involve in Yuriko’s case is a waste of time and effort.

However, Kougami doesn’t give up until she found the truth. So therefore, Isozaki-sensei has no choice but to help Yuriko until the start of the fireworks display.

But you know what, it would be better to wait for Sakurako-san instead…

…which Yuriko managed to bump into her. So then, what’s the answer to this mystery?

Although it was speculation on Sakurako-san’s part, but it turns out that the woman didn’t commit suicide. As for the ring and the letter? Well it was actually mourning jewelry (which the diamond is made from bone ash) and a farewell letter, respectively.

In fact, the woman wanted to let go of her deceased lover as she moves onto another, hence she wanted to throw the mourning jewelry and the farewell letter to the river.

So yes, the mystery was solved. However, the main highlight is Yuriko Kougami’s determination to see the conclusion no matter what happens. In any case, see ya next week for another episode!

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