Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #06

This is a story of two sisters from the Hotto family. While she has two older brothers, Cocoa looked up to her big sister Mocha.

But now, Cocoa competes against Mocha-san to see who’s the best big sister around! Of course, there’s a clear answer to that…

See this one? Mocha can make anyone blush by cuddling them, something that Rize-san tries to avoid being glomped by Cocoa’s big sister as it’s very contagious!

Oh yeah and about Chiya-chan? She’ll get hers later…

For now, let’s move onto the next scene where Cocoa and her friends compete in a boat race.

When Mocha-san and Chino-chan are in the lead, Cocoa tried using other methods to get ahead of her sister by drinking Sharo-chan with coffee. C’mon, she gets hyper when she drinks that!

However, Sharo-chan refuses by slapping Cocoa to the face and tell her to become a better big sister by herself!

Well, that’ll step her up in a good way possible…

…as Cocoa paddles her way, surpassing Mocha and Chino-chan in the lead. That’s right Cooca, show your big sister that you’re better than her!

Unfortunately, she got beat by Chiya-chan and Rize-san. Sorry Cocoa, but someone beat you…

And look, Chiya is being glomped by Mocha-san. Damn, Cocoa is getting salty there!

But you know what, let’s move onto this scene where they’re throwing a farewell party to Mocha-san!

C’mon Cocoa, no hard feelings for Mocha-san okay?

Oh look, seems that “Blue Mountain” Aoyama has come on this occasion.

By the way, Mocha-san previously met Aoyama-san at the park last episode. Of course, she wasn’t aware that Mocha met the author of her favorite novel “The Barista Who Became a Rabbit”.

So without further ado, Mocha pulls out her rolling pin and ask Aoyama-san to sign it.

Really Mocha-san, I don’t think she would sign your rolling pin!

Oh wait, she did! Please keep that signed pin instead of using it, Mocha-san!

But anyways, it’s time for Mocha Hotto to return back home! She had a fun time at the cost of Cocoa being sidelined on doing sisterly things to Chino-chan…

Don’t worry Cocoa, you’ll get your day on become a great big sister like Mocha-san!

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