The Asterisk War Episode #07

Well, I knew that these two girls from Arlequint Academy are involved on trapping both Ayato Amagiri and Kirin Toudou!

Oh yeah, and it seems that they’re preparing their aces on the next Phoenix Festa. This ain’t good for Seidoukan Academy!

For now, let’s move onto the current situation where both of them must face a sea serpent lurking beneath the bridge!

And like those beasts from last week’s episode, this serpent has a slime-like body that can reform its limbs or head. Unless they find and destroy the core, it’s gonna be a tiring battle!

But don’t worry though as Ayato Amagiri will just use his Ser-Veresta to cut the enemy in half, Masami Obari-style!

C’mon, his blade is longer than his body…

Long enough to cut this slime/serpent in half along with the core! Yeah, thanks Obari-san for enhancing Ayato’s Lux!

But then again, he reached his limit as Ayato passed out. You gotta take care of him, Kirin-chan!

And look, they took their clothes off because it got wet after defeating the serpent. C’mon, catching hypothermia is worse than getting a simple cold!

On the other hand, seems that Kirin-chan got a nice body for a freshman! Just click this picture if you want the full view…

You know what, I think Ayato should rub his body towards Kirin-chan! *wink*

Then again, he doesn’t want to do it when he has Claudia Enfield, Saya Sasamiya, and Princess Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld.

On the other hand, there’s more insight on Kirin Toudou as she wanted to win the Festa for her father, who got arrested and was locked-up in prison for saving his daughter from a kidnapper. Of course, Kirin’s father will have to do it the hard way as he actually killed the assailant in self-defense and on top of that, it was revealed that her father was a Genestella, meaning that he’s more dangerous than a mere criminal.

With that said, both Ayato and Kirin-chan were rescued. However, what comes next might anger Kirin’s uncle Koichiro…

And that’s Kirin challenging Ayato in a duel without his permission. Sure that Kirin edged out Ayato in terms of swordsmanship skills in contrast to his immerse power.

Unfortunately, he’s not gonna use his Ser-Veresta for this duel…

So when he’s fighting Kirin-chan, he’s using a standard Lux weapon. However, Ayato has an ace on his sleeve as he can trick or faint his opponents…

…eventually disabling Kirin with a simple close-quarter combat technique. And with that, Ayato finally beat Kirin after a loss from Ep. 5!

Of course, Koichiro Toudou doesn’t like her actions at all as he’s gonna punch Kirin to the face, something that he’ll be arrested for child abuse!

Luckily, Ayato is here to stop Koichiro’s bullshit ’cause he and Kirin had enough of it. Seriously Koichiro-san, stay away from Kirin Toudou if you don’t want your reputation to drop dramatically!

Also, Claudia’s mother can punish Koichiro Toudou for hurting Kirin as she saw her as an asset for Seidoukan Academy. Ouch!

But in any case, Kirin Toudou is finally free from her uncle’s tyrannical grasp. And now, she can do whatever she wanted like being with Ayato Amagiri, something that Princess Julis and Saya-chan won’t like one bit of it!

And speaking of Saya-chan, seems that she wants to partner-up with Kirin Toudou as they have similar background. C’mon, both Saya and Kirin are fighting for their respective fathers!

Anyways, see ya next week…

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