Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Episode #05

This is Mirei Shikishima and Mamori Tokonome, the most unlikely couple ever graced in Mermaid Island.

And Kasumi Shigure, one of Walter’s knights who don’t need an Arm to beat her opponents. Unfortunately, she’s not here to fight against Mirei and Mamori-chan…

…as they encountered a Female Titan! Just kidding, it’s just a girl in a birthday suit named Nimi Minimi who happened to become a giantess without knowing how she end up like that.

Also, Nimi wants to find a friend named Noe Ouya who was held at a dungeon inside Walter’s castle. Mamori-chan told her to head towards the castle and save her since Nimi is a giant. Of course, that would be a bad idea…

…as Nimi might encounter Charlotte Scherzen, who was shocked upon seeing her giant body.

And given that she’s an intruder, Charlotte will be pissed that she wants Nimi Minimi dead!

Meanwhile, this is Nimi’s friend Noe Ouya who got incarcerated because she refused to marry another as per Charlotte’s orders.

Honestly, Charlotte shouldn’t be a matchmaker as she’s bad at choosing partners. Let them choose theirs instead!

As for Noe, she’ll be saved by Mirei. I mean, who needs to get stuck in the dungeon forever when you can have someone break you free from this prison, right?

Anyways, what’s important is that Noe is liberated!

On the other hand, Charlotte tried to subdue Nimi away from the castle but Kasumi-san stops her from going further.

Of course, their fight was interrupted by this mysterious figure.

Said figure belonged to the governor of Mermaid Island, Akira Hiiragi. Come to think of it, this guy might be more dangerous than the knights from Walter.

Also, he doesn’t like fighting inside the castle!

But with that said, Noe Ouya got out from the dungeon and she’s about to be reunited by her friend Nimi Minimi…

…by jumping towards Nimi’s bosom where Noe made a safe landing. And afterwards, Nimi’s body glows and got shrunk to her normal size.

No matter what happens, these two will be together forever!

See, isn’t great that there’s a happy ending between Nimi and Noe on this episode?

In any case, see ya next time where I don’t know what crazy shit will happen on the next episode!

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