K: Return of Kings Episode #07

Well, seems that Sukuna Gojou is eager to take Kuroh’s head…

But not today though as Yukari Mishakuji ordered Sukuna-kun to retreat. After all, Yukari wants to take Kuroh’s head by himself!

Also, he’s making way for the Green King, something that Anna Kushina refused to let Nagare Hisui do as he pleases in regards to the Dresden Slates.

With that said, the Red King plans to tire Hisui out…

…culminating with Reishi Munakata’s final blow. And with that, the Green King ran out of steam before reaching his goal!

On the other hand, it was revealed that Nagare Hisui was actually a corpse, which the Green King’s powers kept his body alive. In fact, his heart was lost during Hisui’s battle against Kokujouji.

But now that Nagare’s power has ran out, his goal of using the Slates is over! However, seems that the Green King has another ace on his sleeve…

…in the form of Tenkei Iwafune. Oh and you think that he’s just a priest, right?

Think again though as Iwa-san is revealed to be the missing Gray King! So that’s six kings appeared on the whole series itself!

Now then, I wonder what will Iwa-san do on the next episode? Oh wait, there’s no need to make a question about that as it’s getting worse from there for the Coffee Table Alliance!

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