Aquarion Logos Episodes #18 – #20

Let’s start with another catch-up with Karan Uminagi as she’ll be the main focus for Ep. 18! Nah just kidding…

…as Hayato Kujou would be the main focus on Ep. 18. Sure that his speeches are boring and has no flair, but Hayato isn’t lying to himself as he stays true to his principles and not going to the flow!

Oh, and he’s not the only one…

See Karan’s awkward friend Tinoa? She’s not lying to herself unlike Karan-chan, who is doing it to go up a ladder in the entertainment business (most of the time).

All’s well that ends well for Hayato and Karan-chan…

But not for Maia Tsukigane though as she’s worried about Akira Kaibuki, who’s having a strange aura when piloting the Vector-Ga.

Oh yeah, and she’s participating together with Akira in the couples contest of all things in Ep. 19. Of course, neither her nor Akira know nothing (or being oblivious) about love.

Only Kokone Kikogami does as she try her best to convey her feelings to Akira, yet he couldn’t receive it because Kaibuki is busy being a savior!

By the way, she’s with Hayato Kujou for the “Destiny on the Asagaya” couples contest, but the couple didn’t win in the end.

So now let’s move onto Ep. 20 where Maia finds some answers regarding Akira Kaibuki, as she feels that the self-proclaimed savior is about to disappear from reality.

While she asked Sakurako Souda for help, they found nothing. However, Maia found something interesting such as the Writing War, where a tribe led by a mysterious woman tried to destroy words and characters because they’re dangerous, but failed to do so.

Said mysterious woman happened to be Subete’s partner named Nesta, who appeared in front of Maia Tsukigane when she infiltrated NESTA’s headquarters.

Oh, and there’s more shocking truth for this matter as Maia revealed to be a puppet made from Nesta’s soul, something that she won’t accept it at all!

So yeah, it’s a bad idea for Maia to infiltrate NESTA’s headquarters as she was captured!

Oh, and truth to be told, it was revealed that Subete Kenzaki is actually a reincarnation of Nesta’s lover Kiryu. No wonder Sougon told Maia to be with him.

Meanwhile, Akira Kaibuki is resisting Vector-Ga’s curse. C’mon, this ancient Vector can devour any concept, be it words or even a person’s existence like Akira Kaibuki.

One more thing, it’s revealed that the Vector-Ga destroyed the titular Aquarion Logos, which was piloted by both Kiryu and Nesta. Hence, it was called the “Destroyer of Legends”.

Anyways, I’ve finished catching-up with the latest episode, as I now end this post where Shirobaco is raided by government troops.

Gotta say, things aren’t looking good for DEAVA!

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