Owarimonogatari Episode #07

Let’s start this new arc with a knee to Araragi’s face that it sends him flying! I wonder if he’s gonna recover his wounds quickly since Koyomi has vampiric powers? Oh wait, I guess not.

Anyways, it’s Suruga Kanbaru as she’s the one who knee’d Araragi-sempai to the face. Oh yeah, and she wants to get laid by her senior since Kanbaru don’t want to die as a virgin!

But she’s not here to let Araragi-kun take her virginity as Suruga was called by him to mediate a certain person…

Of course, this is not the person that she’ll do the mediating, as it’s an oddity who took form of a suit of samurai armor.

Oh, and this oddity isn’t here to ruin a meeting as he wants to see Shinobu Oshino (a.k.a. Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade) who wanted his sword “Kokoro Watari” back! By the way, I think this samurai is one of Shinobu’s servants.

But come to think of it, where’s Shinobu-chan when Koyomi needed the most on this dangerous situation? C’mon, this rowdy samurai spirit is about to kill both Araragi and Kanbaru!

Fortunately, this oddity was stopped by a pillar of flames. Not sure who did this but whatever!

Of course, he’ll return to get back what’s rightfully his.

Not for these two though as both Koyomi and Suruga are about to be crushed by debris. C’mon, this abandoned cram school will be demolished so it’s inevitable that it’ll happen right now!

Kanbaru suggested to Araragi-sempai that they should have sex before dying, but Koyomi has other plans…

…like jumping out to the building before being saved by Yotsugi Ononoki. Sorry about your plans on losing your virginity to Araragi-sempai, Suruga Kanbaru!

Anyways, see ya next episode!

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