Yuruyuri San☆Hai! Episode #07

Hey guys and girls, guess who’s back? It’s Chizuru Ikeda as Chitose’s twin sister is always annoyed at Kyouko when she approaches her!

Let’s hope that her drooling is still there…

Meanwhile, Chinatsu-chan invited Akarin for a date. Well actually, they’re just practicing as Chinatsu wanted to invite Yui-sempai for a real date, thus she invited Akarin to be Yui’s stand-in.

But seriously Chinatsu-chan, Yui doesn’t hold a rose with her mouth. Heck, Akari goes “WTF?” in regards to this! Honestly, I think Chinatsu shouldn’t see Yui-sempai as a dashing prince, but oh well…

Oh well, at least they enjoyed their pretend date together.

On the other side, we have Ayano Sugiura as she invited TOSHINO KYOUKO for watching a movie. Well it’s the other way around, but what’s important that these two watched the movie not once…

…but twice. Just kidding about them watching the same movie twice, but Ayano and Kyouko watched two different films together!

Oh well, at least they enjoyed it. That’s all that matters!

Anyways, let’s end this post where Akari is about to kiss Chinatsu by force!

Remember what happened to the first season where Chinatsu raped Akarin? Well, it’s a payback!

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