Hidan no Aria AA Episode #07

What is this, did Urara Takachiro suddenly cuddled Akari and tickle her until she climaxed? Say it ain’t so!

Then again, it was all just a dream by Urara-sama. On the other hand, it seems that she’s starting to get friendly towards Akari Mamiya after being beaten in Episode 5, something that a certain friend of Akari won’t like it…

Case in point, it’s Shino Sasaki who was angry that her favorite pillow (made from Akari’s scent) was accidentally washed by her maids.

Now, Shino is venting her anger at Urara to a duel who sees this rich bitch as a threat to Akari’s friendship!

Then again, Akari isn’t aware on this situation. I mean, she’s oblivious to both Shino and Urara’s affection of being “more than friends”, where Akari is always admired and fixated on Aria-sempai!

In the end though, both Shino Sasaki and Urara Takachiro made a truce for now… Unless someone who wanted to take Akari away from them, they’ll take’em out before it happens!

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