Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #07

Here’s something interesting on this episode, as it focuses on Ikaruga Suginami who got some dirt in the past (like having a elf child) apart from having mad scientist tendencies.

You see, Ikaruga stole an artifact called Lost Matrix in which it’s actually dark elf cells.

Oh yeah and she has a twin-sister named Isuka, who is now working with Valhalla as Isuka left Alchemist Corporation for personal (and complicated) reasons. Honestly, having her working with the likes of Haunted would be suicidal.

But apart from that, Isuka hated her sister Ikaruga for stealing the Lost Matrix and now she want it back. However, Ikaruga decided to return the Lost Matrix to Isuka’s hands so she can live with the 35th Test Platoon in peace.

Then again, the 35th Test Platoon won’t sit this one out as they went over the border and find their comrade. Of course, they have to get away from mafia gangs and other punks lurking outside the border.

Oh look, they found Ikaruga-san as these two mercenaries are about to take her.

Don’t worry though as Takeru Kusanagi knock those two soldiers down and save Ikaruga Suginami from their grasp, something that Isuka won’t like one bit of this!

But wait, what happened to the rest of the platoon?

Oh, they were captured and stripped naked! As for Lapis Lazuli, she went into hiding instead of being captured by the enemy.

Don’t worry though, they’ll be rescued by both Takeru and Ikaruga-san…

…right after having sex at a love hotel. Wait what!?

Then again, Takeru will just shrug it off on the next episode!

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