Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~ Episode #02

Looks like Takumi Shindou and Suzune Maekawa are starting to get hang of being Photography Club members.

But seriously, I think they should go too far when taking photos. They might get branded as voyeurs or stalkers for that!

Anyways, here’s the second part of Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~ where we start things off with Norie Okazaki decided to quit on making sweets and other pastries. Wait what!?

Actually, the reason why she quit making sweets is because she was berated by her older brother Masanori, which her skills aren’t on par with the best pastry chefs. But c’mon, Norie-chan has more room for improvement because she’s still young!

Also, her friends are gonna be sad when they’ll miss Norie’s creations. So, Potte and her friends (plus Kanae-sempai) tries to convince Norie-chan on making sweets again.

She did come back, but Norie said that this would be her last time making sweets. Man, it’s gonna be sad if her efforts would put to waste should Norie-chan quit…

That’s until Norie’s brother Masanori tasted her creations, liked it, and said that he’ll be disappointed for having her stop making pastries and other sweet things. After all, Norie-chan is making sweets through her lifetime!

So in the end, Norie Okazaki continues making pastries and I’m sure that she’ll become a world-class pâtissier!

Now let’s move onto the second half where Chimo Yasuka makes her usual Hoboro-style okonomiyaki…

And look, they love it as always when Chimo-san make a delicious okonomiya with tender loving care! Oh yeah, and Chimo announced that she’s gonna get married. Wait what again!?

Isn’t a bit early for Yasuka-san to become a married- Oh wait, it’s the right time for her to become a wife. I wonder who’s the groom for Chimo Yasuka?

But anyways, it’s up to the girls to hold a celebration before the wedding ceremony. Well actually, it’s up to Kaoru Hanawa on making that happen.

Come to think of it, I feel that she would become a wedding planner in the future. And while making scents would be a hobby, Kao-tan would become successful in her own right! By the way, do you wanna know who will be Chimo’s groom?

Well, it turns out that she’s marrying Kazutarou Dougou. What a surprise there, and congratulations for both of them!

Anyways, that’s the end of Part 2 of Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~. And one last note, this is one of Miyu Matsuki’s last roles before her passing. I mean, it’s sad that her character Chimo-san is marrying when Matsuki-san is planning to get married once she’s fully-recovered. Man, I’m gonna miss Matsuki-san much!

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