Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Episode #06

Mei-Fon Sakura, who is known for smuggling goods from the Castle and holding bets for contests. Of course, she’s gonna take all the cash from herself and her two accomplices.

Speaking of her accomplices, not sure if these two would dump Mei-Fon out and take all of her money.

Meanwhile, it’s time for the Mermaid Festival’s beauty pageant where Mirie Shikishima is the favorite to claim victory this contest.

Heck, even Mei-Fon and Mamori-chan wants her to win it!

Unfortunately, this ain’t Mirei’s time as the contest itself is rigged in favor of Charlotte Scherzen.

See, all of Shikishima’s hardwork went to nothing. But then again, who rig this contest?

Well, it turns out that Mei-Fon’s two accomplices turned south in favor of supporting Charlotte. I knew that these two scumbags will go towards that bitch instead!

Of course, Mei-Fon won’t let them get away as she has Mamori-chan and Mirei at her side. I mean, they’re angry about the contest results!

Then again, Mei-Fon’s former accomplices will simply run away ’cause why not. Those bitches!

Oh, and these two made doppelgangers just to rub salt on both Mirei and Mamori’s wounds. How thoughtful!

Okay, so where’s the real one anyway?

Oh, so they went towards Mei-Fon for a payback huh? Honestly, attacking a defenseless person like Mei-Fon Sakura is so barbaric!

Luckily for Mei-Fon, she has a hidden ace in her sleeve as she uses loads of money to turn into her battle armor. What the fuck!

Then again, it’s so expensive to make that being hit by the enemy would lose the armor parts as well as the moolah. And look, her bust got flattened out!

Well at this point, there’s nowhere to run for Mei-Fon as she’s about to get killed by her former accomplices. Sucks that she won’t get any money in the afterlife!

Just kidding, she’s not gonna die easily as Mei-Fon makes a “shocking” comeback. And yes, her former allies-turned-scumbags were defeated!

Meanwhile, Mirei and Mamori-chan returned to rescue Mei-Fon after dealing with those doppelgangers. But it seems that there’s no need to help her…

Also, Mei-Fon is naked and the only covering she has was a piece of paper obscuring her crotch! How wonderful!

One more thing, the beauty pageant results has been revised now that the rigging came to light.

Which means that Mirei Shikishima won the contest and not Charlotte Scherzen. Getting salty there, Charlotte!

Anyways, all’s well that ends well in Mermaid Island as they celebrate Mirei’s victory!

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