Heavy Object Episode #08

So before I begin this episode, I’m afraid to tell you that Seewax disappeared after telling both Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell that he’ll help them.

So much for his redemption, that bastard! But anyways, both boys finally arrived at Tanami Desert…

…where they finally found the 0.5 Generation Object firing up its engine. Normally, they would tell the Legitimate Kingdom-Intelligence Union coalition that they found the enemy Object.

But Councilor Flide told the coalition to stick with that plan, while telling both Qwenthur and Havia to butt out as Objects will always be the kings of the battlefield.

Really Councilor Flide, you don’t care about seeing an ally Object fell into a trap at Great Sandy Desert, all while seeing hapless civilians die at the hands of an enemy Object from the Oceanian Military State? Man, this bastard is worse than the enemy itself!

With that said, it’s up to these two boys to destroy the 0.5 Generation Object by themselves (again), and the first thing they do is to find its weakness.

So when Qwenthur and Havia went inside the hangar, they found that the enemy personnel got fried due to over-charging the Object. And speaking of over-charging, seems that Qwenthur got an idea of destroying the 0.5 Generation Object.

All that they need to do is to electrocute its power source to overloading levels, destroying the Object and its pilot from the inside!

Of course, it wouldn’t be easy as despite being a 0.5 Generation, it’s still an Object and it can still pack a punch.

Oh yeah, and not only Qwenthur got injured as the enemy Object shoot the hanger while being inside, but their plan got foiled when the severed (and live) electrical cord didn’t reach the target. So, what will Qwenthur do?

Well, why not destroy the water pipe with a missile launcher. I’m not kidding about Qwenthur’s plan as he’s using water as a conductor to electrocute the enemy Object.

As for Havia, he went up to the water tower to save himself from having his body fried…

…as well as seeing the enemy 0.5 Generation Object making a bigger explosion that it’ll be seen by radar.

In any case, the Oceanian Military State was soundly defeated, something that Councilor Flide couldn’t believe it!

Oh and to rub salt onto the councilor’s wounds, Milinda Brantini learned her mistake from her Alaskan encounter with a second generation Object by anticipating its attacks and destroying it up close.

Thus, Milinda’s Baby Magnum defeated Exact Javelin!

Yeah, that would ruin Councilor Flide’s pride a lot. As for that punch from Havia Winchell, it’s the icing on the cake. Good job Havia!

Well, that’s about it for Oceania as both Qwenthur and Havia destroyed another Object. Oh yeah, and it’s sad that I didn’t see the face nor the name of that busty idol elite from the Intelligence Union!

In any case, see ya on the next episode…

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