K: Return of Kings Episode #08

14 years ago, there was a person named Seigo Ootori who find the body of the deceased Green King. Also, it was that day that the Kagutsu Incident happened where the Red King Genji Kagutsu performed Damocles Down that wipe out a large portion of Tokyo.

By the way, it’s weird for Hochu Otsuka to voice this young character who happened to be the Gray King himself.

14 years later, Seigo Ootori returned under the new name of Tenkei Iwafune.

And while his former clan CATHEDRAL is no more after the Kagutsu Incident, Iwafune found refuge in the form of JUNGLE which was led by the now-resurrected Green King Nagare Hisui.

Now, he didn’t arrive just to rescue his boss and capture the Dresden Slates…

…but Mr. Iwa is here to deliver a crushing blow to Reishi Munakata’s reputation. Thus, the Gray King defeated the Blue King with a single devastating shot!

So yes, it’s a big blow to the Coffee Table Alliance as the Dresden Slates were stolen under their noses by JUNGLE!

Of course, Yashiro Isana won’t give up just because the slates were captured by Hisui’s clan. C’mon, there would always be Plan B for the alliance…

Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased as Saruhiko Fushimi hang up his uniform and quit SCEPTER 4… only to join JUNGLE just to spite his former comrades, both SCEPTER 4 and HOMRA. C’mon, Fushimi is always a traitorous bastard!

Of course, this won’t be good for the Coffee Table Alliance as it would be harder to beat JUNGLE when Fushimi is within that clan.

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