Owarimonogatari Episode #08

Woah Araragi-kun, is having your face being stepped on being one of your new fetishes recently?

It’s not like he likes being stepped on by Ononoki, but Yotsugi-san says to Koyomi that he and Suruga should get out of the area.

Anyways, both Koyomi and Suruga are now on the move and while they’re getting away from that vengeful samurai, it seems that they got lost for some odd reason.

It wasn’t until Kanbaru regained her consciousness that she helped Araragi-sempai… by using her nose to find the right path! Yeah, glad that Izuko Gaen’s niece is very helpful on this situation.

Oh, and they found Shinobu Oshino at the park where she was previously rescued by Ononoki-san.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how or why her previous servant appeared. C’mon, that samurai from last week’s episode wanted his katana “Kokoro Watari” back!

In any case, we’ll find out on the next episode….

Of course, they have to get away from Suruga Kanbaru’s evil doppelganger, who has a right hand of the infamous Rainy Devil from the Suruga Monkey story arc.

Yeah, good luck fighting with that monstrosity if you don’t have vampiric powers!

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