The Asterisk War Episode #08

Well, seems that Ayato Amagiri is getting popular lately after beating Kirin Toudou last episode, which puts him at Number 1 in the Seidoukan Academy duel ranking.

Of course, I’m not talking about him on this week’s episode…

I’m talking about Seidoukan Academy’s unlikely duo: Saya Sasamiya and Kirin Toudou.

Of course, they’re not here to do the usual training as both girls are going to various places and socializing people that aren’t shady.

Oh and in the case of Kirin Toudou, learning how to swim as she’s being trained by Sasamiya-san. But you know what, she can float on water with her boobies!

Meanwhile, here’s a new character introduced on this episode… by accident. This is Queenvail Girls’ Academy’s Ranked #35 duelist: Violet Weinberg.

Anyways, the “Strega of the Shattering Bullets” is here to challenge someone because Violet’s peaceful time at the pool was ruined.

Of course, she’s not gonna challenge Kirin Toudou as Violet got a stomachache. Nah, she’s just scared of beating Kirin-chan!

Also, Kirin-chan doesn’t like fighting after her loss against Ayato-kun…

So, Sasamiya challenged Weinberg instead. Well, Saya saw Kirin-chan being bullied anyway!

That made Violet very angry towards Saya as she won’t forgive her for being hit in the face by a beach ball.

Therefore, Violet accepted Saya’s challenged (Well actually, it’s the other way around) and she’s confident that victory is in her bag!

Oh wait, scratch what I said as Saya Sasamiya decimated Violet Weinberg with a single blast from her big freakin’ gun!

Well, that duel has ended quickly…

And as for Violet Weinberg however, I guess that she’s just all bark and no bite. That’s sucks for her!

Anyways, the Phoenix Festa is around the corner on next week’s episode. I’m excited to see that tournament and I hope that A-1 Pictures won’t let me down!

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